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What is a scammer?

  • A "person" who's not licensed or insured. 

  • Will show up in a random car or unmarked van*  

  • Will start adding a ton of fees. 

  • Usually has no clue on what they are doing.

* Some Locksmith do lockouts on their time off.  Might show up in personal vehicle, just make sure you check their sheriff card.

Who's in charge?

The scammer works for a call center that's usually out of state.  They take a huge percentage of what the scammer steals from you.  So it's in the best interest for the scammer to charge as high as possible.

How do I know it's a call center?

Most call centers are using the Google guarantee program.  You will see that at the very top of google search results.  List of call centers at the bottom of this page.  Some will also come in the search results as sponsored.

Besides being over charged, what else can happen?

If the person doesn't have a sheriff card.  We have no clue what his/her background is and what they are capable of.  Making extra keys to your home, business or car?  Stuff going missing?

No Insurance?  What will happen if something gets damaged.  Who will pay for it?  For example a company with a business insurance will be covered in case they accidently break/damage something.

How can I protect myself?

When calling for a quote, make sure it's a local number.  You should be able to get a total price up front on automotive work.  Commercial, Residential and safes have too many variables so an exact amount is usually not possible.  Check the list of vetted locksmith and you should be good to go.

Here are some YouTube videos of scammers

Call Centers *Warning*

- CP Locksmith
- Diamond Locksmith
- Locksmith 365
- Locksmith Around the Clock
-Mikey Locksmith
- Mobile Locksmith Now
- Rambo Locksmith
- Shark City Locksmith
- Unlock-it Locksmith

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