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How does a company become vetted?

We have sent all locksmith companies with an email link on their website asking for the following.

- Copy of their active business insurance

- Copy of their Washoe Sheriff's permit for all "Locksmiths"

Once paperwork is verified, we make note of the expiration dates and will contact you again before they expire.  All paperwork is deleted after verification.  You can block any personal information before emailing it to us.


Companies who pass all requirements will be added to the vetted section.

What is a Sherriff's work permit?

Washoe county Sheriffs department requires all locksmiths to have a "Locksmith work permit"  In order to get this permit, you must get finger printed and a thorough background check. 


A business owner must have a valid business license and a background check done before the business itself gets recorded into the Sheriff's database.  Business owner can then fill out paperwork that will allow an employee to go apply for a background check.  Failure to pass a background check "should" prevent employer from allowing employee do locksmith work.  Employer can still hire employee at a position that will not allow him access from entering a vehicle, home or business where a key will need to be originated or any modifications to a lock/secured place.

What does the Sheriff card look like?

The card will have the company name they work for.  So if you called  "123 Locksmith", the card should also say that on it. 

Ocupation should say "Locksmith or Locksmith Tech"  Sample card below

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